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What Our School Says

The ease with which they have transformed us into a tech sawy school is truly commendable, more so, since it works to assist our academic staff by streamlining their student record output.

- Cdr. N.K. Sinha / Sanskar Valley, Patna

Thank you so much for all you help and advice and training, I really appreciate it and it has made the job so much easier. I have had a huge learning curve this year and now things are running so well I can thank and I4C's team effort

- Renu Goyal / Gyan Bhawan, Delhi

I don't know how any school could run efficiently without With the flexibility of I4C, and the professionalism of everyone, we were able to build a super database that not only serves the students and parents, but also the school management and teachers."It is the easiest process. There is no paperwork. You have one sheet of paper

- Nikita Bhandari / A.T.S. Academy, Gaya

Parents think it is much easier , they get through the line their schedules are done, they get to speak with a counselor … and at the end they've got it all done and they can come to school the first day and just start.

- Rajesh Gaur / Bal Bhawan, Delhi